A sustainable future with BayWa r.e.

Acting responsibly is core to our identity.

To overview

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a company. We’re delighted that more and more organisations, all around the world, are looking to renewable energy, and that we can support our customers in rethinking energy and achieving their own sustainability goals. In doing so we’re proud to make an important contribution to the global energy transition.

But more than this, acting responsibly is part of our culture and DNA, and can be evidenced through our numerous commitments to a wide range of different projects and initiatives:

Smart Biogas Network: off-grid with biogas in Tanzania

Whether for cooking at home or for small agricultural operations, biogas is an affordable energy source that presents no health risk and is already firmly established as part of Tanzania's off-grid energy supply. As a partner in the ‘Smart Biogas Network’ project, BayWa r.e. helps to keep plants running and ensure a reliable source of energy that is helping to sustain communities and making a real difference to people’s day-to-day lives.

The All Tribes American Indian Charter School is dedicated to the special socio-economic and cultural needs of the Native American community in San Diego. In addition to designing, developing and erecting a 25-kW solar PV system, we have produced teaching material focusing on renewable energy for students and teachers at the school. Find out more.

‘Fair Wind Energy in Thuringia’ award

In May 2017, BayWa r.e. was awarded the ‘Fair Wind Energy in Thuringia’ seal of approval, which is issued by the Thuringia Energy and GreenTech Agency (ThEGA). The seal is evidence of a voluntary commitment to the guidelines for the ethical development of wind energy in Thuringia. The guidelines encourage the proactive involvement of all interest groups affected by a project, transparent handling of information, and the inclusion of regional energy suppliers and credit institutes.

BayWa Foundation

Responsibility towards the disadvantaged

The BayWa Foundation was established in 1998 to initiate and support both national and international sustainable educational projects in the fields of nutrition and renewable energy. What makes the Foundation special is that 100 percent of all donations flow directly into projects, as BayWa AG covers all of the administration costs. Furthermore, BayWa AG matches every donation to the Foundation – so each contribution is worth twice as much.

Educational initiatives play a key role in all of our projects. We believe that the only way to enable people to help themselves in the long term, and to give the disadvantaged futureproof development opportunities, is through education. Find out more!

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