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Land Owners: Secure a Second Revenue Stream by Leasing

Lease your land for a solar power project and open up an additional source of income

To overview

Unused land and bodies of water can host PV projects

Do you own farmland or old industrial real estate? You can use it to build solar parks and reap the financial rewards. Unused, artificial bodies of water can also host floating-PV projects.

Ease land use conflict and do your part for the green energy revolution. Secure a 20-year rental contract with no investment needed. We’ll handle everything from project construction to maintenance, as well as assuming all the risk.

We’re interested in:

  • Agricultural land of at least 10 hectares
  • Flat areas with plenty of sunlight and limited shade
  • Cropland in areas with poor soil (IV-VI soil class)
  • Windy areas
  • Former industrial sites of at least 10 hectares
  • Artificial, unused reservoirs of at least 10 hectares
  • Land close to high-voltage and medium-voltage networks

Why lease us your land?

  • 20 years of secure rental income
  • Potential for even greater income via additional services
  • Crop protection from extreme weather
  • We handle everything on your behalf

Work with APAC’s solar power experts

We can assess your land’s capabilities and advise you on achieving the best return. Rely on our expert knowledge of Asia’s energy markets to realize your property’s true potential.

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