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Floating-PV – a Key Solution for the Energy Transition

Your perfect partner when it comes to generating energy on water

To overview

Generating solar power on bodies of unused water

Asia is home to many reservoirs and other large unused bodies of water. That means huge potential for the Asian renewable energy market to benefit from Floating-PV.

Floating solar systems deliver inexpensive, reliable clean electricity. We’re helping countries meet carbon reduction targets and cut reliance on land-based installations.

From disused silica and mineral open pit mines to artificial lakes and underutilized reservoirs, landowners across Asia are creating new income streams.

What are the benefits of Floating-PV?

Floating-PV technology lets landowners enjoy lower water evaporation, fast construction and optimized maintenance. There’s also the added benefit of improved yields, thanks to the cooling effect of the water and the large surface area being used.

Collect rental income from a previously unused body of water, while also preserving its water levels. Our technology is safe to use on drinking water reservoirs, certified pollutant-free.

Why work with BayWa r.e. on your Floating-PV project?

Across the whole value chain, we’re putting 30 years of solar power expertise at your service: 

  • Planning and technical consulting 
  • Reporting and analysis 
  • Project development
  • Procurement from long-term partners 
  • Turnkey construction 
  • Financing 
  • Direct sale of energy
  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs) 
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Administrative and commercial management
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