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Offshore Wind Farms: A new Technology Sector for BayWa r.e.

To overview

Secure your power generation with Offshore wind energy

For more than 30 years, we have successfully delivered high-quality commercial-scale onshore wind projects around the world, and we perceive renewable energy in a new dimension. In order to expand our portfolio, we are now setting our sights high on the offshore wind sector. Our aim: With globally delivering offshore wind power plants we want to bring forward the highest quality renewable energy projects at scale. Within this mission, we are leveraging our existing in-house experience within the following areas: 

  • Project development 
  • Operations and management skills 
  • Engineering 
  • Financing 

BayWa r.e. is now implementing a strategy on offshore wind power that follows its greenfield development business model and builds on its existing international presence in markets such as France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and South Korea. Furthermore, we are working closely with experienced partners for offshore wind turbines to bring in additional skills and portfolio benefits. 

We already have a reputation for r.e. thinking energy onshore – now it is time to spread our wings and apply our innovative mindset, collaborative approach and project realization expertise in the sector of offshore wind farms. 

The huge potential of Offshore Wind in Asia 

As offshore wind electricity prices are decreasing at an extraordinary rate, offshore wind is now increasingly gaining traction in emerging markets. By 2030, the Asian offshore market is expected to have installed nearly 100 GW of offshore wind capacity, according to the Global Offshore Wind Report 2019 published by GWEC earlier this year. 

The growing economies of scale and technological innovation – such as increased array cable voltage, foundation design, installation techniques and hybrid solutions – will continue to drive down costs and making offshore wind more competitive in new markets, which will be the key to success of future offshore wind in the APAC region.

Reasons, why offshore wind farms are interesting for investors

Offshore wind power represents an established and high growth market, which offers significant potential for experienced investors, developers and operators.  

Already at this point, offshore wind turbines accomplish an important contribution for generating power in Europe and is forecast to become the largest source of electricity in the EU by 2040. 

Are you sharing our vision of a green future?

With the development of offshore wind farms we would like to provide a further contribution to accomplish the green energy revolution. It is our goal to implement highest quality projects within the area of renewable energy to realize our vision of an environmentally friendly future. 

Talk to us, if you share our vision for a low carbon future where offshore wind power plays a major role. 

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